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Bodycar Ltd.

Global supplier of automotive replacement parts and power transmission belts for the industry, transport and agriculture.

Bodycar Ltd. is a company that has large experience in the global trading and it is capable to assure perfect quality of the products. With our clients’ loyalty and confidence, we have effectively built our reputation in the field of car spare parts and transmission belts business. We offer originally tested and proved items and an online service center open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s why we are supporting the top platform for purchasing and sales of the goods at very competitive price level.

You should choose Bodycar Ltd. because:

1. Competitive price
2. Genuine / Oe / Oem / Oes and First Quality Aftermarket products
3. Last-mile logistics
4. Quality-tested products, along with brand awareness
5. Strong after sales customer support
6. Global sourcing and distribution

Bodycar Ltd. is now attempting to address the demand of car spare parts and transmission belts at every single location. We are well-known company with easy way of communication and implementation of the most practical solutions. Considering the wide range of spare parts and transmission belts requirements worldwide, the company offers the most comprehensive selection of genuine and high-quality aftermarket spare parts and transmission belts available at a single click. The company has a leading position and good reputation on the market by offering a wide range of Oe, Oem, Oes and aftermarket manufacturing brands. Following comprehensive approach, we consider the dealers and merchants throughout the Globe.

Your Trusted Partner For Automotive Parts and Transmission Belts

Bodycar Ltd is working as a marketplace where you can buy high-quality products. We provide wide portfolio and reasonable price level because of a strong backend network of manufacturers and suppliers.