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Company Introduction

The Company started its operations back in 1993 with wholesale of car body parts for vehicle recovery after serious road accidents. The name of the Company itself (body and car) is indicative of the Company’s initial activities related to the bodywork (exterior part) of passenger and light duty vehicles. In addition to that the company has started developing activity in the field of transmission belts business – for all industrial, transport and agricultural equipment applications. Since the beginning of its operation, the Company has relied upon investment in large stock of goods, which was essential to its further development and activity in general. Currently, due to the market situation and the broad offerings of automotive brands and models, the Company has revised its extensive stock keeping business model and has focused on the proposals by offering customized solutions for vehicles recovery to its customers. With an expanded range of products and a new method of operating the Organization has reached an even higher level of professionalism, better financial results and significant opportunities for steady growth in all business aspects. The Company stands out from the other companies on the market with its uniqueness and distinctiveness.

Primary objectives (Company vision):

Developed and innovative market for vehicles and automotive components, contributing to the growth of this sector and to improving the environment. The Company vision is entirely shared by the founder of the Company and all its employees. The founder’s expectations regarding the Organization’s growth in terms of portfolio and financial results are well motivated and the same have been successfully implemented so far. The values that motivate us are to do better and to contribute to the environmental well-being in all aspects. Since the people are the most important factor in any organization, their well-being and the social development of their environment is the Company’s main priority.

Company mission:

The Company’s management position, as well as its history, clearly demonstrated that the Company strives to provide each customer with the best individual solution corresponding to the specific needs. The right solution for every single case.

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Why choose Bodycar Ltd.?

Bodycar Ltd. is a company that has large experiеnce in the global trading business and it is capable to assure perfect durability and compatibility of the products it offers. With our clients’ loyalty and confidence, we have effectively built our reputation in the field of car spare parts and transmission belts business. We offer originally tested items and an online service center open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The greatest supplementary services and support to satisfy our clients. That is why we are supporting the top platform for purchasing and sales of the goods at very competitive price levels.

You should choose Bodycar Ltd. because:


Competitive price levels


Genuine / Oe Oem / Oes / First Quality Aftermarket products


Last-mile logistics


Quality-tested products, along with brand awareness


Trustworthiness on each product purchase
with strong after sales customer support


Global sourcing and distribution

Bodycar Ltd. is now attempting to address the demand of car spare parts and transmission belts in every single location. We are well-known company with easy way of communication and implementation of the most practical solutions. Considering the wide range of spare parts and transmission belts requirements worldwide, the company offers the most comprehensive selection of genuine and high-quality aftermarket parts and transmission belts available at a single click. The company has a leading position and good reputation on the market by offering a wide range of Oe, Oem, Oes and aftermarket manufacturing brands. Following comprehensive approach, we consider the dealers and merchants throughout the Globe.

Your Trusted Partner For Car
Parts Internationally

Bodycar Ltd is an online marketplace where you can buy high-quality aftermarket car components. We provide the widest choice of vehicle components at the lowest rates because of a strong backend network of manufacturers and dealers. You may find almost any replacement component in many categories, such as body parts, mirrors, lights, brakes, suspension, filters, engine parts, etc.