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Power transmission belts for the industry and agricultural sectors

Bodycar Ltd. has been supplying power transmission belts from the best of the industry for over a century. Bodycar Ltd. transmission belts are designed to operate without maintenance, so your equipment may continue to move without retensioning. Our transmission belts have Oe level quality and construction for dependable, long-lasting performance and are resistant to oil and heat.

Heavy-Duty Power Transmission Drive Belts At Bodycar Ltd.

Heavy-duty power transmission belts are utilized in industrial, transport and automotive applications. Bodycar Ltd. has created a new line of heavy-duty power transmission belts to accommodate the international clients’ evolving demands. The goods that fall under this category are aramid fiber cords reinforced. The EPDM material used is durable even at operating temperatures between -50°C to above +120°. They offer excellent dimensional stability and load capacity within this range. They can support multiple engineering productivity improvements. To satisfy the current industrial requirements, they were produced under the supervision of the top professionals in the industry. They work excellent in automotive, oil & gas, agriculture, mining, transport, etc. industries. Never to let you down.

Bodycar Ltd. is acutely aware of the constantly evolving demands of its clients. As a result, we are offering the most extensive assortment and on-stock quantities of power transmission belts from all reputable manufacturers globally. The cost of the products has been kept within a reasonable level to accommodate users from the broad economy. The wide range of applications of transmission belts for hand and power tools, cutting and machining tools, cleaning tools, electrical equipment, mining equipment, oil & gas equipment, agricultural machines, transport and automotive are entirely covered. By choosing Bodycar Ltd.’s new line of power transmission belts you will be one step ahead in your business activities.